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Presentation is key in foodservice and hospitality – visual management needs to be on-brand as well as functional.

From front-of-counter shadow boards for presentation of small food preparation utensils, to back-of-counter allergen segregation and cleaning stations, Klipspringer provides shadow boards and visual management stations to some of the biggest names in food service and hospitality.

Ask about our bespoke HACCP and quality control boards designed for a leading pizza company.

Using the wrong equipment for the wrong job is, at the very least, poor practice and at worst can lead to cross contamination involving allergens and compromised product quality.

Cleaning stations ensure the right tools are in the right place at the right time. Saves time, saves money, saves energy and effort.

With a growing trend for open kitchens and consumers demanding greater transparency, shadow boards facilitate a more organised and presentable food preparation area. At the same time, shadow boards ensure preparation areas are kept tidy and clear which boosts performance.

Correct storage of equipment prevents loss and accidental damage. This also applies to equipment such as thermometers and probes. Shadow boards provide an identifiable home which increases life span and reduces expensive repair and replacement costs.

With the increasing role of technology in the kitchen environment, make sure this business critical equipment has a proper home so it is utilised to it’s maximum capabilities.



A tidy workspace helps a tidy mind. Not only do shadow boards reduce consumable costs and time wastage, they also help create an organised workspace which reduces pressure as well as increasing staff engagement and morale. All of which boost productivity and customer experience.

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“Klipspringer are able to supply our stores internationally. That means we only have to deal with a single supplier as we expand globally, the bespoke design of the instrument station provides not only a single place for our equipment, its FIVE GUYS branding gives it a real quality feel. Its a part of what we do, so being able to personalize it was vital. “

Jeremy Lockley, FIVE GUYS

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