Tools Stations

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Make your workplace more efficient with tool boards

Increase productivity

No more wasted time searching for that missing spanner!

Increase quality

Make sure the right tool is used for the job, so the job is done satisfactorily.

Reduce errors

The right tool in the right place ensures the job is done properly, first time.

Reduce accidental loss and damage

How much do you spend on tools and equipment each year? Giving tools a proper home is proven to reduce accidental loss and damage, increasing their life span and reducing replacement costs.

Take control of your workspace

Effective workspace organisation and control is essential to delivering value, driving efficiency and eliminating waste.

Use tool control boards to identify missing tools in just seconds.

Create that culture of care and ownership

An organised workplace is a happy workplace. This is the foundation for a great culture and an essential ingredient in staff engagement for driving business performance forward.

Make staff proud of their work station so they buy into a culture of care and ownerships.

How much waste can you remove with Tool Stations?

Remove non-value adding activities using:



Remove unnecessary time wasted searching for tools.


Over Production

Working smart without causing bottle-necks in the process by exceeding demand.


Use the right tool for the job and get the job done to the required standard first time.


Put the tools where they are needed, remove unnecessary walking to find or collect equipment.


Do the job required and no more, remove any opportunity for over-processing or distraction.


Leave only the required tools on each work-station, remove surplus tools and duplicates.


Dedicated work stations backed up by tool boards streamline the process, removing unnecessary movement between stages.

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