Market leaders in shadow boards

For nearly 10 years, Klipspringer have been leading the way in shadow boards.

Our passion for supporting continuous improvement initiatives, supported by substantial investment in market leading facilities, has made us the shadow board partner of choice for many well know brands including:

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Why choose Klipspringer?



Every shadow board and tool station is bespoke designed to meet your exact requirements. This achieves the perfect combination of maximising space, minimising cost and streamlining processes. Compromising on the design to save money will cost you dear in time!



Our R&D team work tirelessly to deliver ever-improving solutions. From our unique magnetic shadow boards to our ultra-hygienic thru board hooks, we seek to constantly push the boundaries of better and faster.



We've invested in cutting edge design, print and production facilities to deliver you the highest quality shadow boards which will withstand the test of time.



The combination of our innovative approach and state-of-the-art facilities means we are recognised as offering the quickest shadow board implementation package available. As standard, we deliver within 5-7 working days of proof approval, but if you are in a hurry and have a deadline please speak to us - we often turn around emergency projects in less than 48 hours!

What makes Klipspringer Shadow Boards so unique?

“A great company to work with – innovative solutions, fast turnaround and excellent stock holding, all combined with a friendly, knowledgeable team who go out of their way to help”

Bryan Fowler.
Fulfil Food Solutions.

“Klipspringer brought my vision of a roof shadow board with tools to life. This allowed me to trial the concept and write the business plan to complete a UK-wide launch.”

Jason Cross.

What are my shadow board options?

For more information about your shadow board options click on the orange plus signs on the shadow board below.

Choose from 5 different shadow board fixing methods


Where there is a requirement to regularly clean behind shadow boards or move the boards around regularly, our unique magnetic shadow board solution allows shadow boards to be removed easily without compromising effectiveness in situ. The new magnetic shadow boards allows you to attach your cleaning stations and tool stations to any steel or coated steel surface, without the need for destructive or permanent fixings.


Direct mount

Shadow boards are supplied to you ready to be fixed to any surface as appropriate. Screw, rivet or mastic to any surface – even railings!

Stand offs

For improved hygiene, shadow boards are supplied to you with 25mm stainless steel stand-offs. Maintains breathing and cleaning gap between wall and shadow boards. Supplied predrilled with the required number of stand offs.

Free standing frame

Lacking wall space or not permitted to fix shadow boards to newly erected walling? Consider our static food grade stainless steel frames with sturdy feet (no wheels). Robust frames supplied in kit form for rapid delivery and easy assembly on site.

Wheeled frame

Need to move utensils and tools around? We can supply our trademark premium shadow boards mounted on food grade stainless steel frames with heavy duty wheels. Robust frames supplied in kit form for rapid delivery and easy assembly on site.

4 different ways to attach equipment to your shadow boards

Fixing-free stainless steel hooks

For the ultimate in hygiene look no further than the revolutionary new stainless steel thru-board fittings from Klipspringer. Removes the need for rails, allows for more efficient shadow board designs and easily removed for cleaning. Only available with Aluminium Composite Material.

Aluminium rail with nylon/PP hooks

The traditional method of attaching utensils to shadow boards, Klipspringer’s anodised aluminium rail provides a robust and proven method of attaching fully colour coded hooks and holders to shadow boards. Maximum colour supports segregation. Hooks are manufactured from reinforced nylon for increased strength and durability.

Aluminium rail with stainless steel hooks

For extra demanding environments or where there is a requirement to minimise the useof plastic, Klipspringer’s range of stainless steel hooks and holders is fully compatible with the aluminium mounting rail. You won’t break these in a hurry!

Direct mount stainless steel hooks

Where detachable components are a concern, direct mount stainless steel hooks are riveted to the shadow board and cannot be removed. Direct mount stainless foil steel hooks also remove the need for a mounting rail, reducing the number of surfaces to be cleaned.

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